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How To Properly Edit and Upload Videos on YouTube and Earn Money

Now that we have the LSI keywords and the main keyword in hand and in our notes, what we are gonna do now is further optimize the video file itself on our computer and get it on YouTube and Earn Money. So, let’s go ahead and do that!

1-  Before we get it on to YouTube, what we want to do is locate the file itself. If you followed the video settings:-

  • We got here 1280×720.
  • It’s an MP4 file.
  • It follows the H.264 codec and all the other settings.

2-  What we need to do now is locate our notes with the keywords. Here’s what I want you to do.

  • Find the main keyword. The main keyword, in this case, is How to Stop Beagle Puppies from Biting You.
  • I’m gonna copy this and then I’m going to rename this file to the keyword. So I’m gonna right-click, click Rename. Then I’m going to Paste.

3-  So, we’ve got howtostopbeaglepuppiesfrombitingyou – that’s the main keyword. We want the main keyword to be located in the file itself. We wanna further optimize the file itself.

4-  We’re gonna right-click, click on Properties and here, we have:-

  • Security
  • Details
  • Previous Versions

5-  You want to locate the Details tab.

    • What we’re gonna do now is enter the same title, the main keyword here so how to stop them from biting you.
    • You’re gonna want to have the subtitle, which will include one of these keywords down here. So you wanna have some LSI keywords. The subtitle can be something like the description. We can say something like: Tired of your new beagle puppy biting you? Watch this video to learn easy to implement puppy tips. As you can see, I included New Puppy and Puppy Tips within my sentence itself.
    • We’re gonna put some tags. I would recommend that you, again, put the main keyword here. Put a common and then put all the other ones that you want: Crate Training, New Puppy, Puppy Chewing, Puppy Behavior. Basically, enter all the tags in there and make it optimized.
    • In comments, you can put something like: “How to” just put the main keyword and some LSI keywords along with it.
    • If you go through Contributing Artists, put your name, the year is 2013, and then we can say, Beagle Puppy Training.
    • Then of course, the directors. I wouldn’t over populate it with keywords and I would avoid and recommend avoid doing so because Google will probably penalise you for keyword stuffing.
    • We just want to do the basics and click Apply.
    • Click OK.

6-  I’m gonna do this again. Right-click -> Properties just to check to make sure that it was inserted. As we could see, it has been inserted. Oops! The title needs to be changed though. I’m gonna right-click properties just to check to make sure. Yes, yes, yes. Okay, good.

7-  Now that we’re done with that, we can upload the video to YouTube. I’m gonna go to YouTube. As you can see here, you need to have a YouTube account or Gmail (which is the same thing).

  • You need to go ahead and log in.
  • Click on Upload here. Simply click here or you can drag and drop the video files in here. I’m gonna click here. I am going to find that specific video and then I’m going to upload that video and Earn Money.

Now let’s move on to the next topic and talk about entering the Title, Description, Tags and the other settings and Earn Money. To learn Click Here !!

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