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World’s Top 10 Best Free Seo tools List

Many people are not familiar with the word SEO so people might be thinking what are the SEO tools , and hence it becomes very difficult to explain the role of SEO to people, that they can understand the importance of this. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic for websites or webpages. SEO is a method for planning and developing a website rank well in program results and improve the quality of traffic to website by search engines. SEO could be understood much by promoting how search engine work, and what people search for the most.

SEO is a set of search engine promotion. SEO additionally referred as SEO publicity copy, as most of the techniques are pre-used to rank sites in search engine.

How SEO works?

This is a very important part to understand. Search Engine Optimization is the art of gaining high program placement for relevant keywords phrases by creation search engines and believe on website is a lot relevant than competitive websites. Search engine have two major functions i.e, crawling and building an index, and providing the search users with hierarchal list of the sites. Basically, optimization are done in two ways:-

(a) On page SEO – This includes good content, proper selection of keywords and putting them in proper places and giving every page a suitable headings and etc.

(b) Off page SEO – Off page includes link building, link exchange and also by increasing links traffic by directory submissions and etc.

SEO of websites are done by the help of some SEO tools. Seo tools assist to manage programme optimisation efforts for the websites or diary. The best SEO tools helps to boost the website and  become plenty of visible internet spiders that crawl the web finding out the relevant search terms to utilise on the data processor. It is vital to look out a tool that will modify to optimize the keywords, manage SEO efforts and manufacture relevant hits on data processor.

When we are within the marketplace for the simplest SEO keyword tools, it may be tough to seek out a collection of tools that give everything we look to manage a SEO campaign. Seo tools assist us to increase the worth of websites, that successively helps to increase the rank of search engines.

Here are reviews on top 10 best SEO tools that help for search engine ranking:-


1.Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a freemium internet analytics service offered by Google that track and give reports of the traffic of particular websites. Google Analytic is currently in use on around 55% of 10,000 most popular websites. This is the most widely used tool in the service statistics. Google Analytic work on the followings:-

(a) Marketing Checklist (b)SEO (c)Mobile (d)Usability (e)Social

(f)Local (g)Visitors (h)Social

2.Google Webmaster.

Google Webmaster is a tool and is a Google service which allow us to analyse several features of websites. It is a primary mechanism for Google to speak with webmasters. Google webmaster helps us to spot problems together with our website and even allow us to recognize whether it is infected by any malware or not. However, if it is not noticed by us, then it is invaluable. The best thing about Google Webmaster is that its completely free on its part.


Alexa is one of the best tools that gives industrial web traffic information and analytics. This is owned by Alexa is one of the richest and most important analytics tools for the people. Alexa rank sites based  mostly totally on following a sample set of net traffic. Alexa provide traffic data, global rankings and other more information of 30 million websites.

4.Open Site Explorer (MOZ).

Moz is an another SEO tools. This crunches data from over  fifteen different sources like, Google, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. to score brick and mortar business and however it is online. The results of theses come back completely with unjust fixes for incomplete heed. Open Site Explorer provide us with fast look a full vary of link analysis as well as a glance at the foremost impactful links coming back and other linked pages.


Woorank analyse website and get clear details and put proper actions on how to optimize sites. This provide free trial to users to try Woorank to optimize the websites. This is an online website which gives review on SEO tools. On using this, they provide free analysis and give us the report on how to improve and work on SEO of particular site and get traffics for the sites.

6.SEO Site Checkup.

Seo Site Checkup runs through a quick audit of our website, checks for correct tags and egrus and errors which may come up. Seo Site Checkup creates their tools intuitive and simple to grasp, they help many small business owners, webmasters and SEO professionals to improve their on-line presence in the world of marketing. SEO Site Checkup’s SEO tool box unleash the total potential of tools and find access to several different options and a lot of elaborate SEO reports. SEO Site Checkup work with following:-

(a)Common SEO Issues (b)Speed Optimizations (c)Server & Security (d)Mobile Usability (e)Social Media (f)Semantic Web.

7.Site Auditor.

Site Auditor is one of the SEO tools which dissects all the on-page and behind the scene codes, revealing growing issues. They choose and analyse the health od SEO website and support the distinctive websites report. They set frequency of normal crawls, and then compare results over time to trace improvement.

8.Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit.

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit combines quietly few different tools into one used along, it will analyse your websites and supply recommendations on a way to build your sites content additional SEO friendly, as well as tweaks to our site map.

9.SEO Worker.

Seo Worker tend to examine the website to investigate the users expertise their websites provide considering usability and therefore the overall users search expertise. Optimisation of clients conversion techniques follows to make sure a good conversion funnel. Finally, they tend to guarantee the website and conforms to the search engine tips and counselled optimisation techniques, whereas totally researching the aggressiveness of websites.

10.SEO Optimizer.

Seo Optimizer helps to improve on page SEO, test the subpages, make free analysis report of particular websites and give SEO tips. It helps to know what changes need to be made so that the traffic of websites increases. Seo Optimizer has many Seo tools to work on with:-

  • Public tools (b) Keyword tools (c) Analytics tools (d) PPC tools and lots more.

These are reviews on the top 10 best Seo tools.

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