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How to Add Closed Captions to YouTube Video

In this specific topic, we’re gonna be taking the transcript that we have received and add it to the YouTube captions (i.e, add subtitles) feature to further optimize the YouTube video.
With that said, let me go ahead and show you how to do this!

  • At this point, what you wanna do is go to the Video Manager.
  • Find your file.
  • Click on Edit.

You’re gonna get this page here where you’re gonna be able to edit this specific video.

1-  Up at the top, like I said earlier, if you click on Captions, you’re going to see the ability to add subtitles.

2-  YouTube itself will automatically try and transcribe your video so that’s why we already have an active track here. But we wanna add our own track of customized transcripts.

3-  You obviously, in this case, wanna make sure and double check that the transcriber did a good job where your video actually matches the words. Because if it doesn’t and you try to keyword-stuff it just to optimize the video, YouTube will know. They will compare your words with your script. So they know all these little sneaky tricks that people try to do so don’t get sneaky. Just follow the rules. Be ethical. Be genuine.

4-  Click on Add Captions, At this point, you’re going to see:-

  • Track Language – so you’ll want to choose your language. In this case, I am using English.
  • This is Video Transcript – type what’s spoken in the video here, then click Sync to synchronize it with the video. Assuming that you have checked the video to make sure that it is exactly the same thing as your transcript, what you can do now is simply paste the transcript in here.
  • What I like to do is break my sentences up. That way, I’ll make sure that Google is in sync with everything. I want to increase my accuracy as much as possible.
    Maybe this is not necessarily required but I found it works for me.
  • All I have to do is click on Sync.
  • You can also upload the caption file here but you have to have a certain caption file. So going back over here, that’s why if you got a Word document, just simply copy it and paste it onto here.
  • Once you’re done, click on Sync.

 What YouTube is going to do right now basically compares your audio with your transcript tom ake sure that it is correct. Hopefully, it’s going to be correct and if it does, then Google will figure out, “Hey, your transcript actually has keywords and it matches with your video and actually relates to the topic.” Because it is relevant, because it contains keywords (LSI keywords and so forth), it’s going to increase your rank just by doing this.

We haven’t really even hit the marketing side yet, which I’ll talk about in the next topic. So, that’s all you have to do for now.

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