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How To Use Social Signals To Increase Your Google Ranking

Now that I’ve shown you how to use social signals to increase your traffic rank and how you want to do it on a consistent basis versus get a bunch of links and stop, I wanna show you how to increase the popularity of your YouTube video on YouTube itself and increase traffic to your website.

The reason why you want to do that is if you can increase your rank on YouTube itself, Google will see that you’re highly ranked in their site on YouTube and therefore, it will help your rank and Google as well. Let me go ahead and show you how to do this!

Besides getting it ranked in Google, you wanna make sure that you rank it higher in YouTube.What I like to do is I like to get YouTube likes, views, and favorites as much as possible. But I don’t want to ever bombard it with anything like 10,000 views in one day. That is something that you wanna avoid, totally.

1-  If you go to

2-  Type in YouTube likes

      • It says, “I will give you 100 YouTube likes and favorites”


      • 201 YouTube likes and 20 custom comments.


3-  Comments are good to have as well as long as the comments are targeted comments. So, what I would normally do is I would click on this link here, click on this link here, and just read what these people have to say.

  • So 20 comments – are they customized comments or are just comments? It doesn’t really say and what I’d recommend that you do is make sure that you look at the reviews. This person doesn’t have a lot of reviews. You don’t want to risk it. I wouldn’t risk it. I would just move onto the next person.

4-  I’d click on Rating to get people who have usually better feedback.

    • It says, “I will express…”
    • YouTube likes, YouTube videos.
    • These people, I definitely say avoid these – 55,000 or even 10,000! Avoid those people coz you don’t want 5,000 in a day. That just looks bad.
    • Let’s see here – YouTube video, YouTube comments, YouTube likes and YouTube comments. What I’d recommend you do is just find somebody who has good ratings.
    • “I will give you 25 YouTube custom positive comments.” That’s good.
    • “I will send natural reviews, 5100 – even these guys that say 5100, I would ask them, “Hey, can you send me – do you have some sort of DriftFeed service where you can send me a few a day like 10 a day or 20 to 30 a day?” Even 50 a day is fine. But 5,000 during a day is you definitely want to avoid.
    • So, let’s take a look at this person here. They got 420 positive reviews. That’s good. That’s really good. It says, “I will give you customized comments.” What I recommend that you do is just get comments that actually have your LSI keywords in them. Like “Oh, I really like this …” and stuff like that.
    • Do that. Find likes. Find favorites. Even get Google Plus likes. But like I said, a rule of thumb, don’t go beyond 100 a day. And you wanna do it on a consistent basis. Get the likes. Get the YouTube videos and stuff like that.


    5-  In addition to that, I go further and if we go back over to here, what I do is I will actually not only get people to like the video but I will ask people to give me the link where they liked it, like the page where they liked it. I will do social backlinks to those specific shares. That way, you’re creating kind of a network that points back to that YouTube video. I know it sounds a little bit complicated but it really isn’t because other people are doing it for you. You just have to lay it out and draw it out either on Notepad or on a piece of paper like how many batches you want, who’s linking to what, and what’s linking to what.

    6-  But like I said, the rule of thumb – don’t slam your YouTube video with tons and tons of videos. If you go with a hundred this week, two weeks later or three weeks later, do it again. Do it again. Do it again. And do it on a consistent basis. As long as you follow that rule of thumb and just don’t go all out with tons and tons of views, you should start seeing some results in about a month.

    You should be indexed within a couple of days but especially if you are fighting against other people who are doing the same thing or possibly, they’re not but there’s a lot of competition, it’s not impossible to rank for a keyword, you just have to optimize everything correctly, market it consistently, and then you’ll able to get there.

    Once you’re up there if you keep doing this, especially use the DriftFeed services, then usually, your ranking will hold the position.

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