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Best LSI Keyword Research Tool To Improve Rankings

Basically, we’re gonna be expanding on the main keyword that we found on Topic #3 (Market Keyword Research), getting all these related keywords through Keyword Research Tool  we can use in our video. So, let’s go ahead and get started!

1-  To get LSI keywords, we’re gonna be using Google Ad Words again. There are a lot of LSI Keyword Research Tool out there but I will say that consistently, the one that has been around and the one that is probably the best to go to is Google itself. We’re gonna elaborate further using the Google Ad Words Keyword Planner.

2-  If we go to Word pad here, and we take the main keyword that we wanna use; Remember, this main keyword is going to be in your title of your YouTube video. We’ve already done the research. We’ve already figured out that we want to use this specific keyword in our video. You also want to make sure that, that keyword is somewhere in the beginning of your video.

3-  We’re gonna go back to here. We’re going to paste this here and we’re gonna click on Get Ideas.

4-  As you can see, we have a bunch of keywords. There are about 800 keywords but the question is: Which ones should you use? Here’s what I like to do. I like to rank it by Competition and see which ones are low but at the same time, are getting some good traffic.

5-  What I wanna do here instead of sifting through all 800 keywords is by using the keyword filters box option here. We’re gonna click on here.

  • Let’s say for example that we want the CPC to be at least 30 to 40 cents.
  • And then I want medium and low competition. There’s always never really a guarantee that you’re going to get results but let’s just say that we want at least 50.

6-  After that’s done, we’re just going to click Enter and change that here. We can see that it’s narrowed down to about 189 keywords so that’s a good thing.

  • So I’m gonna narrow it down further. Let’s say for example, I want at least 100 and see what happens.
  • We can see about 119. What I’m trying to do is just increase the keyword filters and get closer and closer to my goal but still get a certain amount of keywords that I need to put in my video.
  • We’re gonna click it again. I’m gonna increase it. Let’s say, I want a $0.50 CPC and it’s still 100 so that’s good.
  • I’m gonna increase that now again. I’m gonna do $1.00 CPC. Now, we’re down to 42 keywords. So, still medium and low competition, which is really, really good.
  • I’m gonna increase this to let’s say, 200. So I’m basically taking baby steps to crawl and keep moving forward. Coz you want the best keywords. You really, really do. You want the best keywords that you can get at hands on.
  • So we’ve got 14 keywords here. That’s great!

7-  What we can do now is we can download these. Download Ideas. We can download them to an Excel spreadsheet. We can download here and download is available so click on this link here. We’re gonna go ahead and open this up. You have to open this up in Excel so I’m gonna go ahead and do that now. If we grab the keywords, which are this stuff here, we’re going to highlight this column and copy it.

8-  I’m gonna go back to Wordpad and simply paste it. These are the keywords that I want to include in my video. If my main keyword is How to Stop Beagle Puppies from Biting You then I want to make sure that I include something like:

  • Doggie Commands
  • Doggie Bites
  • Doggie Chewing. We all know that puppies love to play, bite, and they love to chew because they’re teeth are hurting.
  • Puppy Tips
  • Separation Anxiety, which could cause chewing and biting and things like that.
  • Puppy Kindergarten – we may not include that.

9-  Just go through here and remove the ones that you don’t want to include and then just keep the ones that you do want to include.

10-  When you make your video, in the beginning, say something like, “Hi and welcome! In this specific video, I’m gonna teach you how to stop Beagle Puppies from Biting You. First you need to do this …” And make sure that you include these specific keywords in the video.

Because when the time comes to transcribe those videos, guess what? These keywords will actually show up in the transcript. When Google comes and views your video, they will see, “Aha! It has this keyword. It has all these other keywords. It must be talking about how to stop beagle puppies from biting you.” So, at that point in time, it knows that your video is optimized for that keyword. It will give you more weight just by doing that. That’s not even including the social signals. With the social signals, with the transcript captions, and everything else that I’m gonna show you in the future, this is really gonna help you out and rank higher on YouTube and get more traffic from YouTube and

There you have it! Those are your LSI and keyword. From this point in time, I’d recommend that you go ahead and create a video. I’m not necessarily gonna show you how to create a video specifically because this is about YouTube video marketing. But if you create your video, make sure that you include these and you should be good to go.

Once you have the video rendered and in file in hand, we’re gonna move on to the next topic where we edit the video file itself and then we also take it one step further and get it uploaded to YouTube and then of course, begin that whole process.

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