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Tips For Optimization YouTube Videos To Improve Your Search Rank

Now that we have uploaded the video to YouTube, we need to edit this specific information and insert our LSI keywords into YouTube. So, let’s hope on over to YouTube and Optimization YouTube Videos !

Now that the video has been uploaded, we need to populate the YouTube Title, Description, and Tags. Basically, we needed to tell YouTube what our video is all about. If you’ve pretty much followed me up to this point where we’ve got the main keyword and the LSI keywords, all we have to do is take what we have gathered and simply enter that into here.

1-  If I go here, this is gonna be the main keyword and I’m gonna enter that here.

  • I’m going to say: How to Stop Beagle Puppies From Biting You.
  • And then I’m going to include at least one of the LSI keywords inside here. I would say something like: Watch These Puppy Tips.
  • So the first thing that I would do is enter the main keyword, in the beginning, all the way to the far left. Then from that point, I would include an LSI keyword to the far right.
  • If your keyword is short, let’s say, for example, it’s Puppy Tips. I would put Puppy Tips over here and I’d put a colon and then I would say: Watch These Puppy Tips.

2-  In the description itself, you wanna put some of the LSI keywords inside it so I’m gonna go ahead and just plop these in here. I don’t recommend you just enter all these keywords in here. You’ll see in a minute why I’m doing this.

  • Let’s say I’m gonna use these three LSI keywords.
  • I’m gonna write a sentence that has all of these keywords inside them. That’s why I said I don’t recommend you just entering them in here. Otherwise, it’s gonna be looking like keyword stuffing or keyword spam.
  • I’m gonna say something like:-

⇒  Tired of puppy behavior.

⇒  There are many cases of puppy biting.

⇒  Watch this video full of easy to use puppy tips today.

  • I basically split these up into three different kinds of idea bits of sentences. So I’m gonna say: Tired of your beagle puppy behavior? Has she or he been biting you? There are many cases of puppy biting, which can include excitement, play biting, aggression, or even puppy separation anxiety. Watch this video, which is full of easy to use beagle puppy tips that you can apply right this minute.

3-  Tags, on the other hand, we’re gonna say:

  • Puppy (Animal).
  • How-to genre.
  • Stop puppy biting.
  • Beagle puppy.
  • Beagle puppy biting.

4-  Now we need to specify the privacy settings. They have:-

  • Public – means that the video is public to everyone. We want that because we want Google and YouTube to find all of our videos.
  • Unlisted – means that it will show to people that have that specific link.
  • Private.

5-  In this case, we want to have Public.

6-  Then, of course, we have the video thumbnails here. They’ll show you all the thumbnails here. You can choose them. Pick one or you can use your own custom thumbnail. Basically, the video thumbnail is what people see before they click on your video.

7-  If we go up the top here, click on Advanced Settings:-

  • We can allow comments. What I usually do is I allow comments that are approved. That way, people aren’t just putting random hate comments up.
  • Users can vote on comments.
  • Users can view ratings (Yes).
  • Allow video responses (Yes, Approved).
  • You can choose the video locations.
  • Recording Date.
  • We can also make video statistics widely public available – we’re not gonna do that.
  • You can allow embedding if you want people to embed the videos.
  • Notify subscribers and so forth

8-  After we’re done, we click on Save and there we go!

That’s all we have to do for now and for now, YouTube will basically get it ranked. Google will come along and index it. Usually, I’ve seen the index in few days or even in a few hours depending on the situation.

But what you wanna do is from here on out, you’re not totally done. We’re gonna further optimize it. In the next video, I’m going to basically show you where to go to get your video subscribed because the reason why we wanna do this is, let me show you.

If I go and edit this specific video, you’ll have more details:-

  • You’ve got Info and Settings – which is basically what I showed you just now.
  • We’ve got Enhancements – which makes the video pretty.
  • We’ve got the ability for Audio.
  • We’re not really concerned about any of that. What we want are the Captions. The captions allow us to insert the transcript that basically is a transcript of the words that we speak. The reason why we want to do this is because we wanna make it easier for Google and YouTube to figure out exactly what your video is all about. They’re actually going to transcribe your video to figure out really what your video is gonna be about. But if you can take it one step further and help them out by giving the captions, and then getting somebody to transcribe it and then inserting the captions; then it will help them out figure exactly what your video is all about. That’s the next step and I’m gonna show you how to do that or Click Here to know

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