Killer Ideas for SEO Link Building Strategies

Driving huge and relevant traffic to your site is one of the major objectives of an SEO expert. Every business wants to grab the number one rank on the SERPs. Therefore, the SEO practitioners try their best to deploy SEO tools and tactics that manage to enjoy 15 seconds of fame but then fail due to the regular updates of search algorithms of Google. Developing SEO link building strategies is one of the popular digital marketing techniques that drive more and valuable traffic to your site through several high-quality links that point to your website in the right context.

Unlike the Panda and Penguin algorithms, Hummingbird algorithm makes it necessary that the SEO link building strategies for our website are entirely Google-proof so that your site does not get relegated to the second page two or beyond the Google’s SERP. But before you look into creating your own SEO link building campaigns, you must ensure that your overall SEO link building strategies are right. Check out some of the killer ideas that will surely help you devise better and effective SEO link building strategies to implement on your site.

1.Understand the Quality criteria of Google

Google’s algorithm offers very specific guidelines of Do’s and Don’ts which makes it easier for the SEO practitioners.

Do NOT use scraped content from other sites:

If you use the scraped content from a popular site that is well-ranked on the SERP to attract search engines, it’s undoubtedly a bad practice. Even if you use content from renowned sites, make sure you edit or modify the content accordingly to match your readers’ tastes. Your every content should be original and unique that includes fresh data, views or opinions.

Avoid low-quality guest posting:

It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality that matters the most. Google discourages the practice of posting rehashed or unauthentic content that lacks quality and that doesn’t provide relevant information to the readers. The recent Google’s update to the Webmaster Guidelines puts cookie-cutter guest posts that come under the scraped content.

Syndicate your content to renowned blogs:

Syndicating the content to some well-read blogs or publishers such as Yahoo is one of the best tactics to develop backlinks to your site. If you try copying the exact content from other sites, you can be labeled as a copycat and can be even punished by the search engines for the same. You can avoid this unwanted scenario by including rel=canonical attributes in your HTML coding. You can also protect yourself to be labeled as a content copywriter by publishing your content before being published elsewhere. Authorize your content using authorship markups that prove your content to be an original one.

Doorway sites:

Another black hat technique that Google discourages is the doorway sites. As the name suggests, doorway sites are nothing but a bunch of sites that drives traffic to a particular site. Doorway sites make use of different keyword phrases or search strings that link back to your main website. When you click on these links, you might be redirected to the same linked site instead of taking you to another site in spite of using different keywords.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing or program is one of the essential SEO link building strategies that can earn you rank. Make sure you have your affiliate links to your website on high-quality sites that have original product descriptions. Also, original review and comments along with product recommendations from genuine bloggers tend to convince potential users and Google bots.

2.Keep your focus on relevance

Besides the quality of the sites that have backlinks to your site, the relevancy of the sites is also equally important. The Google’s ranking principles help in determining the rank of your site. Always keep in mind that in order to post content or submit backlinks, you should approach renowned sites that have keywords relevant to your business.

Here is a four-step test that will help you determine which link is relevant and which is not:

  • Make sure the site which you choose to submit links should have some relation with your industry.
  • If not, then the site should at least have a portion that should be related to your site.
  • Sometimes, links on an unrelated site don’t give much output, but if the links from the content on the webpage are directly related to the content of your page, it can increase the relevant traffic to your site.
  • Above all, the link which you have earned from the related site or related sections of the site must match the overall context of your website.

3.Implement a diversified SEO link building strategy:

Google has a long list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to increasing your rank on the Google’s SERP. All you need to do is keep yourself updated with Google’s constantly changing algorithms and try effective tactics to accelerate your link building strategies.

Summarizing the SEO link building strategies as follows:

Writing, publishing and promoting creative and high-quality content that offer backlinks to your site

  • Receiving citations and recommendations from individuals and trusted websites
  • Being an active user on social media platforms to generate more social proof
  • Syndicate your site’s content on websites related to your industry
  • It would be better if you post columns or guest postings on renowned industry websites or blogs.


5 Advice That You Must Learn Before Doing Off Page Optimization

When you complete optimizing your websites post, blog, and all other things then you’ll require developing some backlinks to your website. Now, backlinks are nothing else but a link which is received from others website which helps to redirect towards your website is known as backlink. Now for example, If I have written an article related to education on my website then I will give a link to then that particular site will receive a backlink from my site and if ExamModule writes some article related to Digital marketing or SEO then it will give a link to my website and I’ll receive a backlink from that particular site. In this way, the whole process continues.

There are a lot of ways to get backlinks to your site. The most popular ways are:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Article Marketing
  • Forum Posting
  • Social Bookmarking
  • User Profiles, etc.

1.Blog Commenting:-

When you leave a comment on someone’s blog, you’ll see an option to enter your website’s URL too. When you enter your website’s URL, your “display name” on the comment changes into a clickable hyperlink that points back to your website.
This is my LEAST favorite way to get backlinks for a few reasons:

  • You have to read the article first if you plan to leave a valid comment.
  • Most comments are held in moderation, so it’s up to the website’s owner if your comment will show up or not.
  • The website owner can edit your comment and remove your link if he wants.
  • Posting comments all day takes too much time. Time is your most important asset.

I believe that commenting on blogs is better for branding your website. If you go to, you can upload a picture that you want to show up next to all your blog comments.

Off Page Optimization techniques

Some people recommend that you use a picture of your face, but I disagree. I think you should use a picture of your company logo because people will remember your logo faster than your face. So even if a moderator decides to remove your website’s link, at least you’re still getting your brand out there!
Doing Blog Commenting is a great idea but only for the purpose of building backlinks, I consider it to be a complete waste of time. Most reputable bloggers that recommend “blog commenting” as a backlinking strategy never comment on other people’s blogs. So what’s that all about?

2.Article Marketing:-

Article marketing is a really great way to get backlinks to your website. The downside is that it can be time-consuming to write 100 different articles and post them to 100 different article directories.
The truth is that nobody does this anyway. Most people write an article once and then pay someone to spin it and submit it to multiple article directories. When I say “spin” the article, I simply mean mixing the words around in an article to make it seem as if it’s a different article.
Spinning an article is “grey hat” SEO because a spin article is technically a “low quality” article. Even if the article is manually spin so it makes sense when someone reads it, it’s still a “grey area” because you’re essentially uploading the same article all over the internet for the sole purpose of getting backlinks.

You won’t get “penalized” for duplicate content unless you upload duplicate content on your actual website. Also, duplicate content is NOT actually “penalized” anyways.
Think about it, Google and article directories simply don’t need the same article 100 times. So Google won’t index duplicate content (because they already have that content) and article directories will reject an article with duplicate content because they already have the content too. So duplicate content isn’t actually penalized because it’s never acceptable, to begin with.

Now if an entire website is filled with duplicate content or spin articles, then the entire website might get penalized or de-indexed because the website doesn’t have anything unique for Google to index.

Google wants to provide users with unique results. It wouldn’t make sense if the first page of Google had the same article 10 times. That’s the only reason why Google and article websites do not like duplicate content. So if you submit the same exact article to 100 different article directories, then the directory might not approve your article.
If by luck your articles are approved by article directories, Google might not index your those article into their search results to keep their search engine free from duplicate content. Simple!

  • So you actually have three choices:
  1. Write unique articles to submit to article directories (white hat SEO).
  2. When we randomly rotate our present articles (grey hat SEO).
  3. Pay content writers if they provide unique articles for the website (whitehat +$$).

You can use websites like or to find article writers or people to help you spin articles.

Just be careful with Fiverr because you get what you pay for. A lot of users on Fiverr use automated/spammy techniques that are useless. You might want to give them a sample project first to check out their work. If it looks good, then you can give them your main project to work on. You can actually outsource the entire article writing and submission process. 

Sometimes it happens that people pay some amount to submit their articles around 1000 to receive 1000 backlinks in 1 day. But, doing so results in the bad effect. Because if it happens suddenly then it will not at all look natural and Google will mark and may penalize for it. This may thus result in a rapid decrease in the search ranking of your website or Google may simply remove your website from the search engine.

You’re better off paying someone $20 to manually submit your article to 20 article directories rather than paying someone $5 to automatically submit to 2,000 directories.
One of my favorite article directories is

I recommend that you sign up for Hubpages and manually submit your articles there yourself. It’s good to know how these article directories work and what kind of articles they accept. When you write your articles, use the same SEO strategies that you used on your WordPress website.

Remember to use “anchor text” with your main keyword phrase when you post your links on article directories. Most article directories will make this easy for you by asking for your URL and then the Display text.

If an article directory requires HTML code for anchor text, just use the template below and replace the URL with your website and the text “Seo tips” with your keyword phrase:

[ Seo tips ]

3.Forum Posting:-

This is another of my least favorite options to get backlinks to your website. I personally don’t like forums because they’re usually infested with people passing along poor advice.

When you sign up for forums, you can set up a profile which allows you to add a link that points back to your website. Most forums will also allow you to set up a signature similar to an email signature. When you leave a comment on the forum, your website’s link will show up under your posts.

You have to be an active user of forums to get multiple backlinks pointing back to your website. If you like forums, then this is perfect for you! If not, then outsource this project to someone else. There are some outsourcers that’ll set up multiple forum profiles for you and leave a couple comments on the forums. You can use Upwork, Fiverr, or whatever other outsourcing websites that you feel comfortable with. Just don’t use because a lot of people have complaints about that website including me.

4.Social Bookmarking:-

This is my favorite way to get backlinks! Social Bookmarking websites allow you to share your favorite websites with everybody on the internet. Popular social bookmarking sites include:

  •, and a lot more!

Popular social bookmarking sites, Off Page Optimization

When you register with social bookmarking websites, you have to use those websites correctly or you could get banned. If you only bookmark pages from your website, then it’s considered “self-promotion”. Self-promotion is the fastest way to get your website banned from some social bookmarking communities.

Your social bookmarking accounts should look natural just like your bookmarks within your web browser. Every time you bookmark your articles, you should also bookmark 5-10 other websites as well.

You need to sign up for all the social bookmarking websites to see how they work.
This is not a waste of time for multiple reasons:

  • Social Bookmarking websites have a very high page rank with Google.
  • When you set up your profile, you can add your URL for a backlink.
  • You can upload your logo to help people get familiar with your brand.
  • You need to know how these websites work if you decide to outsource this task.
    The only way you’ll know how these websites work is to sign up for them and use them.

It only takes about 10-15 minutes to bookmark your website to about 12 of these social bookmarking websites. That includes bookmarking additional websites to make your accounts look natural.

If you want to take Social Bookmarking to the next level, you should:

  • Bookmark any article that you left a blog comment on.
  • Bookmark all your articles that you posted to article directories.
  • Bookmark every forum page that you left a comment on.
  • Bookmark any and every page that displays the link to your website!

When you bookmark a page that displays your link, Google will find your link faster and count it as a backlink. Also by bookmarking the page, you’re making that page more important in Google’s eyes which will also make your link on that page more important.

5.Profile Accounts:-

Profile Accounts are created at websites that allow you to upload a photo and a link to your website. This is a great way to get backlinks, and even better for branding.

If a website is considered important to Google, then you want to affiliate yourself with that website. The easiest way to do this is to set up a profile with these websites and upload your logo and your website’s address. You can do this yourself, have someone in your office do it, or outsource this task to

An example of a profile account that allows you to display your website is Twitter.
Search engines will notice this backlink, and people that visit your Twitter profile will see your link and click it if they want to know more about you.

The goal is to create profile accounts at websites that are considered important by Google and that has a lot of authority. I found the easiest way to do this, go to, click the “Top Sites” tab, and scroll down the list to see which websites will allow you to create profile accounts. (See Links below.) Obviously, you don’t want to create a profile account on a porn website, but everything else should be fine.

Here are a few websites that you can create profile accounts with:

  • (Facebook Fan page)
  • (Not to be confused with

Most people don’t like to create profile accounts because they’re too lazy, but that’s their loss and your gain. Some people argue that some of these websites are “No-follow” which basically means that the backlink doesn’t count, but I beg to differ.

Google looks at all links pointing to your website and it’s supposed to be mixed with do-follow, no-follow, blog comments, links from articles, links from videos, and profile links especially from authority websites.

Like I said earlier, if you have links from multiple authority websites pointing back to your site, then Google will have no choice but to consider you an authority website as well.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of spammy links pointing back to your website, then Google will consider you a spammy website too and penalize you.So its better to get genuine backlinks rather than backlinks filled with spams.
So try making the profile accounts yourself with company’s Logo to avoid any problem and use it once or twice in a month.

The websites listed above get the most visitors in the world, so I think it’s a bad idea to put your website’s reputation into someone else’s hands by outsourcing this task. You should either do this yourself or have someone in your office handle this assignment.

You’ll also notice a lot of Social Bookmarking websites on the Alexa list of “top sites”. That’s why I recommend that you handle your own social bookmarking too. It would be a shame if you got your website banned because someone from Fiverr spammed these authority websites with your links.

If you still want to outsource this task, then bookmark your website first, and then hire someone else to bookmark it as well. For example, when someone else bookmarks your website on after you’ve already bookmarked it; any additional bookmarks will give your post an “up-vote.” An up-vote is considered a “DIGG” as if to say that they “Digged” your website too. That’s why it’s important to learn how certain things work
before you just outsource it.

You should only outsource backlinks to save time, and not because you’re clueless and don’t know how the process works. If you don’t know how the process works, then how will you know if the person you hired knows what they’re doing?

After you create these profile accounts, don’t forget to use Social Bookmarking websites to bookmark the page that displays the link to your website. This will help the search engines index your links faster and your profile pages will start to show up in Google search.

If you type “RowdyMarketer” into Google, you’ll see profile accounts from plenty of authority websites on the first page.

Off Page Optimization

Summary & Action Plan:-

  • Manually build backlinks to your website using.
  • Blog Commenting
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • User Profiles, etc.

To get started, you can find quality websites to get backlinks from using

What is meant by Digital Marketing and How it Works


Digital marketing is basically defined as the promotion of businesses, brands or products using various forms of electronic or digital media. Digital marketing deploys various advertising mediums as a part of digital marketing strategy for a brand or business. The digital marketing strategies involve advertising brands through social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, Google AdWords, and more.

Most of the people across the globe have an access to the internet through which they can get information anytime and anywhere via mobile phones, computer or tablets. A unique and proper digital marketing strategy can be used to reach the targeted audience in a cost-effective way. Small businesses can attract more potential customers by deploying digital marketing strategies that include SEO, Social Media Marketing, or Google AdWords. This ultimately raises a tough competition in the global market. So, if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors, consider this as an invitation to develop your own digital marketing strategy to boost your digital presence.

How Digital Marketing works

Digital marketing uses different digital marketing strategies that serve different purposes for the businesses. However, all the strategies have one thing in common, that is, to drive relevant traffic to your site and then convert the potential customers into genuine leads. With the help of organized campaigns that work with the combination of various digital marketing strategies, you can launch your business at great heights. Here is a list of different strategies that will help you stand out from the market crowd:

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine optimization is one of the effective digital marketing strategies that improves the Google ranking of your site in the Google’s SERP. It ensures a greater return on investments of your site by driving more relevant traffic. Thus, if you want to grab the coveted number one spot, you need to optimize every page of your website correctly using effective SEO tools. The higher your website ranks on the Google’s SERP, your site is likely to generate more hits.

Social media platforms:

Social media is one of the most trending Digital Marketing strategies to track ROI (Return on Investment) and engagement. There are different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube with a different nature and purpose. Social media offers a platform for businesses to promote their brand in order to engage more people with their brand or the services they provide. It also helps business owners to track the frequent or regular users so that they can show them ads for their latest news or releases of the products or services.

Online Press Releases:

Online press releases or industry related articles are published to reach a larger audience online. These are written and optimized properly and then published on high-rated websites that drive the targeted and potential audience to your own website. This helps your earn backlinks as well for your website. Online press releases are much like traditional press report. Journalists or editors write content to promote brands and give them a better exposure for their businesses.

Google AdWords:

Google Adwords is yet another platform to promote your business along with its product or services online. In order to run advertising campaigns, Google AdWords uses data and keyword research to create textual, banners or image-based pop-up ads. Advertising on social networking sites like Facebook can be beneficial to display ads of the interests of certain age groups or gender. This allows the businesses to reach the targeted and valuable audience.

Data Analytics:

All internet marketing attempts can go futile if there is no provision for tracking relevant data about your customers. There are various different analytical programs that can help you analyze and evaluate as to how your website is performing. The SEO specialists, webmasters, business personnel often make use of focused metrics to analyze what is and what is not working. Data analytics is the core part of the digital marketing strategies and is the key to the success of businesses or brands.

Using a Unique combination of Various DM tools:

A successful digital marketing campaign can be built by using a uniquely designed digital marketing strategy and its tools. Using a good combination of tools can help reach the targeted audience for the business. In a nutshell, Digital Marketing is the best way to boost your business


Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate and Their Importance

Did you know that you could learn a lot by analyzing the behavior of the visitors as to how they are arriving on your site and how they leave? Well, you won’t know unless you evaluate the bounce rate vs exit rate of your website. But before proceeding with the topic, it’s necessary to know the basic difference between Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate.

These rates are the measure of the point at which your potential users click away from your site. However, some of us often overlook these numbers or ignore without knowing the fact that they can help you identify the weak spots on your website that might entirely affect the other analytics you measure.

Let’s know the difference: Bounce rate vs Exit rate

Whether it’s the bounce rate or the exit rate that you’re measuring on a web page, ultimately you’re counting the number of visitors who exit your site. The main difference lies in the way they tell you about your website’s performance and effectiveness. Here, we have shown the difference between bounce rate vs exit rate in Google Analytics to let you have a clear idea about their usabilit.y

What is Bounce RateBounce Rate

The bounce rate is the rate of measuring the percentage of visitors who enter a webpage and exits without visiting any other web pages of the site. No matter how long the visitors stayed on the web page, every bounce matters. For example, if a visitor happens to land on your webpage just to access the address and operational hours, even if the page’s content is equally good, the bounce that counts can signal some problem with the site.

What is Exit Rate

What is Exit Rates

The exit rate tells you where the users exit your website after visiting other pages on your site. Despite the fact that the number includes all kinds of interactions with the website, it might also reveal an issue with your website. Higher exit rate from a content page is not that alarming than a high exit rate on an order page. If visitors, especially those who don’t make a purchase, exit quickly, this indicates that something is wrong with that page.

Importance of Measuring Bounce Rate and Exit Rate

Analyzing the bounce rate vs exit rates of your website is essential as it helps to determine how well the site is performing. Though these rates indicate the point at which your potential users are leaving the website, they do not tell the same story, particularly when jumping from one page to another.

Generally, anyone who visits your site would stick around and jump to multiple pages. But it might also happen that the visitors visit your site for various purposes. For example, they may look for a simple answer for their queries and if they find it on the first page they are likely to exit. So, that’s perfectly fine, perhaps the page was optimized for that kind of search query.

Normally, a landing page is meant to attract a huge traffic and not to be the spot for a quick exit. If you find the bounce rate is high on the landing page itself, it may indicate some issue with the usability of the page. Perhaps it might happen due to the slow loading of the page.

Some pages have the potential of getting higher exit rates, such as order confirmation pages or “Thank you” pages on which the visitors land on after filling a registration form. This is not really a matter of concern as it is natural and it also shows that your potential visitors are leaving after making valuable conversions to the site.

Also, if you find high exit rate on your product pages, then you may need to look out for loopholes on your webpage such as ensuring that the order process is working properly. Thus, a higher bounce rate or exit rate doesn’t matter as long as they occur where they should. The best way to know this is to regularly measure both.

Which is Important: Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate

Comparatively, the bounce rate is more important when it comes to the landing page. You can scan the web pages and mark the pages that call for next action, for example clicking an embedded link for viewing more details. A low rate indicates that the visitors are taking their next action without realizing the eventual outcome of the page. On the contrary, a high rate signals the optimization and improvement of the page. You can ensure this by keeping a close eye on the optimization work of your web pages.

Monitoring exit rates of all your web pages excluding those that are meant to come after conversions also matter a lot. You must be aware of the pages where you want visitors to exit. If you find that your potential traffic is leaving on other pages, this can reveal the engagement of the people with your site and how you can improve.

Thus, active monitoring and measuring of bounce rate and exit rate not only help you recognize the weak spots on your website but also can help you improve other metrics including revenue and conversion rates.

Click Here To Know The Difference between Free and Premium Version of Yoast SEO Plugin

Difference between Free and Premium version of Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best and most used of all the times. Yoast SEO is one for all types of solution related to onpage SEO needs.

Yoast SEO is “All in One” plugin. It helps us to check out the readability of the content, to add SEO title, meta description and the keywords which we want to rank on our particular page or post.

Yoast SEO also provides us with Twitter cards, Facebook cards, ping in search engines whenever we need to share our data or post on social media sites.

There is a long list of features of Yoast SEO plugin for On-page both in the free version as well as in premium version. They are as :

Firstly, Let’s talk about the features of free version of Yoast SEO plugin:-

1.In the free version, we can only use and optimize one keyword.

2.We can only get the page preview here according to Google.

3.Readability check is provided here but it doesn’t check the copyright content part.

4.Free Yoast SEO provides you with complete breadcrumbs control.

5.Free Yoast SEO plugin does not give suggestion regarding interlinking of the pages.

6.It doesn’t redirect the page itself if deleted. It needs to be done manually all the times.

7.In the free version of Yoast SEO plugin, we can only see ads for our own products and services.

Now, these were few of the features of free version of Yoast SEO plugins and now,

Let’s move the premium version and see its beautiful features. So, they are as follows:-

1.In the premium version we can optimize around 5 keywords for each page or post.

2.Premium version helps us to preview pages like Google, Twitter and Facebook.

3.Readability check provided here also check the copyright content.

4.Premium version of Yoast SEO allows the breadcrumbs facility as well as it helps to avoid the use of duplicate content. It also resolves canonical URL’s issues.

5.Yoast SEO helps to resolve technical configuration for search engine ranking.

6.Premium version helps in giving suggestions regarding interlinking pages to websites.

7.Premium version helps in analyzing the content to check whether it contains the desired keyword which is used to rank the page or post.

8.Premium version has a beautiful feature of redirecting the URLs. It easily redirects from old page to new page.

9.Premium version is completely ads free.

10.Premium SEO plugin has a great facility with 24*7 support. You can mail whenever you want and a proper reply will be received by your enquires.

So, this were all the difference and the features of on-page plugin i.e, Yoast SEO for the premium as well as normal versions.

Free SEO Tools To Analyze Your On Page Seo

One  according to us the best free seo tools to analyse onpage Seo is Traffic Travis. Traffic Travis is a software which helps to analyze the on-page SEO for your website by which you can improve your website’s search engine ranking. This software is for free of cost and you can download it from Traffic Travis official channel –

free seo tools

You’ll have to register your name and email to download the product. Use your real email address because they’re going to email you a “product key” that you’ll need to access the tool.

After you launch the software and enter the product key, the program will start to play a video showing you how to use the software. You can close that video for now and watch it later. That same video will start again every time to open the software.

After you close the video, you’ll be presented with three options:-

  • Watch Video
  • Create New Project
  • Let Me Play

Choose the “Let me Play” option, and then click the tab on the top left that says “My Site.”

free seo tools analyze

After you click the “My Site” tab, another video will open showing you how to use the  “My Site” feature. You can watch that video if you’d like, but I’m going to show you how to use it now. On the top left, click the button that says “import pages.”
Traffic Travis will ask you to import your sitemap file. Your sitemap file will look like this:

  • ( If you Generated by YoastSEO plugin )

After you enter your sitemap, scroll down and click the box that says “Import Keywords from Meta Keywords.” When you’re finished, click the “OK” button.

Free onpage seo analyze

After you click “OK” Traffic Travis will start to analyze your website. After it’s finished, you’ll see a column that says “Page Warning.”

Within that page warning column you’ll see a “number” if you have any on-page SEO problems. Click on the number to find out how you can fix your on-page SEO. Below is an example of an error I found on one of my websites.

Traffic travis for onpage seo

Based on the error message, it looks like my meta description is less than 120 characters. Now that I see what’s wrong, I can go back to my website, make the changes myself, and then come back to Traffic Travis and analyze my website again. If I receive a “green check” next to the meta description section, then the problem is solved!
There’s no need to pay an S.E.O. company $800.00 to review your website and tell you how to fix it. You can do this by yourself in less than 5 minutes for free.

Summary & Action Plan

Analyze your entire website for free using Traffic Travis ( Using traffic travis you need to:

  • Click on the “my site” tab
  • Click on “import pages”
  • Enter your sitemap URL (

The only thing holding you back from getting on the first page of Google now is backlinks to your website.
Once again, you don’t need to pay an S.E.O. company $500 – $1000 to get backlinks to your website. You can easily build backlinks yourself, or outsource it to someone else for cheap.

In the next , I’ll go into more detail about backlinks and off-page optimization.


Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Q1. How can we all use internet as a marketer?
Ans- We can use internet as a marketer so that we can give customers services, Social media marketing in promotion of products and lots more.

Q2. Do you know who invented or discovered WWW?
Ans- Sir Tim Berners-Lee came up with world wide web (WWW). Sir Tim did a great thing by giving it for FREE without any patents, any royalties in 1994. And further at the end of 90’s it just exploded and around 60 million people were just using it and over 2005 the uses of internet were around billions. And now at the end of 2010, the uses of internet touched around 2 billion people. Today at present time around 3 billion people are using the internet and it’s just phenomenal.

Q3. Which country has maximum number of internet users?
Ans- China has maximum number of internet users. Around 649 million people are using internet in this country which covers 19 % of the total population of the world.

Q4. Why mobile marketing is important in Digital Marketing?
Ans- Mobile Marketing is an important part in Digital Marketing as Today, there are millions of people who are connected to internet through mobile devices. More than 50% of the internet connections are made through mobiles. People nowadays has multiple devices and mobile has now become a center of multiple device networks. And around 70% of the mobile internet searches are connected and related to business. And it’s estimated that by 2017 with the help mobile devices the sale will be around 87%. As, 60% of the people in this whole world check their mobile phones before and after going to beds. And this becomes a great advantage in digital marketing.

Q5. How would you market yourself to be online?
Ans- We can market our self-online by the help of blogs, Google Ads, Mobile Marketing, by doing SEO and lots more.

Q6. How would you monetize your social media?
Ans- We can monetize social media by monetizing it in YouTube, twitter

Q7. what is the best social media platform?
Ans- Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snap chat.

Q8. How would you listen to people what they say about you online?
Ans- Google alerts, Facebook, search on Twitter with hashtags, Google search of your particular brand name, some software tools and lots more.

Q9. What aspects should you consider with e-commerce websites?
Ans- Chain supply, we should tag the audience and lots more.

Q10. Why is mobile important when considering e-commerce?
Ans- Because everybody have them, many people are on mobile maximum number of times, lots of mobile users are there and everybody is using them.

Q11.Why is social media important when we are considering e-commerce?
Ans- Because e-commerce and social media support each other.

Q12.What should you consider the most when setting up an ad campaign?
Ans- Keywords.

Q13. How will my ad perform?
Ans- 1. It depends on quality score. (quality score-is the one which the google gives between 1 to 10).
2.We must also have good click through rate.
3. We must have relevant and proper keywords as this is very important in quality score.
4. Quality on landing page is also very important in this point as it gives a great important in quality score.
5. We must have a great work history or account history because google compares the complete history.
hence, AD Rank = CPC Bid X Quality Score.

Q14. What are the rewards of using PPC?
Ans-1. We can decide and limit our controls and prices of products.
2. We can decide where we want campaign or we want to increase our traffic. we can increase our traffic by using PPC Campaign.
3. We can change our ad according to our requirements. If it’s not working, then we can stop using it and post a new ad.
4. We can involve people by PPC. AS soon as the people click our ads they come to our site and get trap in our site. BY this the spending time of customers increases.
5. With the help of all the above points we get instant and fast results.

Q15. Why do we need conversions?
Ans – Revenue sell, turn on an investment process, and for other business purpose, tracking results and business profit.

Q16. Where are emails read the most?
Ans -Smartphone- 49.5%
Tablet – 16.81%
Desktop – 33.69%

Q17. What type of e-mails do customer wants?
Ans – Emails on special offers, promotional and vouchers e-mails, real time delivery and tracking e-mails, arrival of new products e-mails, newsletters e-mail and lots more.

Q18. What is the number 1 thing that gets people’s interest on an e-mail?
Ans – Subject line, headline, offers and lots more.

Q19. What kind of business uses affiliate marketing?
Ans – All e-commerce site, like amazon, eBay, etc.

Q20. What are the major pillars of affiliate marketing?
Ans -1. Merchant/Retailer
3.Customer/End User
4.Network/Offers for Affiliates

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Service

At Rowdy Marketer, we offer the best site improvement Services (search-engine-optimization) in India & Beyond.We actively work with our partners teams of experienced professionals have an unparalleled level of enthusiasm for internet searcher advertising.
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What We Do

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization service providers that offers complete optimization solution with a focus on the development of e-business. We have a team of SEO professionals who help in achieving business goals in most ethical way.

  • Local Business Listing

Our local listing services give excellent exposure to your products and services and allow you to reach out to a large number of targeted customers and get instant leads.

–  Business listing on Google My Business (Google Places)
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– Review Submission
– Coupon Distribution

  • On Page search engine optimization (onsite SEO)
– Page Title Optimization
– Meta Description Optimization
– Header (H1, H2, H3 etc.) Optimization
– Link Title & Anchor Text Optimization
– Inner Link & Outbound Link Optimization
 – Image & Hyperlink Optimization
– Site Architecture & Internal Linking
– Internal anchor text
– Linking out to quality sites
 – Duplicate content (Check  Duplicate content  issues where other sites have the same content or similar content as you do)
– Using analytics to adjust site structure
– Adding Rich Snippets
– Footer & Header Optimization
– Robots.txt Creation & Analysis
– XML Sitemap Creation & Analysis
–*Increase Your Brand with Videos, Photos, and more
  • Off page search engine optimization (offsite SEO)
– Link Building
– Guest Posting
– Backlinks Analysis
– Press Release writing & submissions
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– Classified backlinks from good quality classified websites
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– Google Plus Optimization
  • Advanced and technical search engine optimization
– Website structure optimization for fast loading
– 301 Permanent Redirection & 302 Temporary Redirection
 – Fix  Canonicalization issue
 – 404 Broken link analysis & redirection
 –  Sitemap.xml, Sitemap.html file creations
 – Google Analytics Report, Keyword Ranking Report, Monthly Accomplishment Report

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Top 30 SEO Interview Questions for Freshers 2018-19

If you’re are preparing for the interview based on SEO then, here are the Top 30 SEO Interview Questions given with there answers which will help you to crack any interview easily. That’s why we are sharing here underneath the Top 30 SEO Interview Questions with you. Check them out:-

Q.NO-1. Define SEO and types of SEO?

ANS:- SEO means search engine optimization. This is a process of increasing websites ranking in the search engine according to the most searched keywords or phrases.

There are two types of SEO:-

(a) On page Optimization

(b) Off-page Optimization

Q.NO-2. What do you mean by Backlink and Outbound links?

ANS:- The links incoming on a particular website is known as Backlink and giving own sites link in others websites is known as Outbound links.

Q.NO-3. What do you mean by keywords and why are they used in SEO?

ANS:- Keyword is a particular term which is used to search related topics and links through search engine ranking further, like in google topics are searched on topics or questions asked by the users. So, they are used in SEO to get best-searched results according to users choice.

Q.NO-4. What tools do you mostly used in doing SEO?

ANS:- Commonly used tools in SEO are:-


(b)Google webmaster

(c)Google Analytics


(e)Open site explorer

(d)SEO worker and lots more.

Q.NO-5. What is Cloaking?

ANS:- This is a process in which the search engine shows the different content of particular websites which in actual is differently presented as compared to the user’s browser. In SEO world it is one of the black hat technique.

Q.NO-6. How many characters limits are there in the title tag?

ANS:- Around 70 characters.

Q.NO-7. What do you know about black hat SEO? Name few?

ANS:- This is a kind of some aggressive tactics used by SEO which on focus on the ranking of websites through search engine ranking and not on the clients or people referring to it. Blackhat SEO just violated the search engines guidelines. Some black hat SEO are:-

  • Link farming
  • Hidden text
  • Gateway or Doorway pages.
  • Cloaking
  • Keyword stuffing

Q.NO-8. Differentiate between “do follow” and “no follow”?

ANS:- No follow is a link part where you can give links of particular sites and it is not cached by Google in search engine ranking whereas, in do follow its just the opposite and allow search engine ranking to follow the link and get in the particular websites.

Q.NO-9. Differentiate between SEO and SEM?

ANS:- SEO is known as Search engine optimizer and SEM is known as Search engine marketing. SEO is nothing else but it’s a part of SEM. Both, the process aim at increasing search visibility in search engine.

Q.NO-10. How to check banned websites or penalized sites?

ANS:- Once we will check by writing the sites name directly and once by www. Or extension like .com and if the sites open that means it is not banned or penalized and if not then vice-versa.

Q.NO-11. How to save websites from getting being banned or penalized?

ANS:- Will avoid black hat SEO and unauthorized methods which create backlinks and by also avoiding any kind of over optimization.

Q.NO-12. What factors affect the websites ranking?

ANS:- Bounce rate, pages views per visit, returning visitors and time being spent on sites.

Q.NO-13. What could be done to find why the website is not ranking?

ANS:- Need to check the backlinks of the websites whether it is given in proper places or not, by not using same kinds of anchor texts and link building process and much more.

Q.NO-14. What is cross-linking?

ANS:- Cross-linking is a process of linking one’s site to other site and providing the way to access it.

Q.NO-15. Name some SEO blogs usually read by you:-

ANS:- (a) Jimboy kins  (b)Search Engine Land (c) SEO Smarty (d) MOZ (e) Search Engine Journal.

Q.NO-16. What is Google Sandbox?

ANS:- Google Sandbox is an imaginary box which checks the standard of the websites. It is a place where the new websites are kept on a hold until an unless they get a good search engine ranking.

Q.NO-17. What is PPC?

ANS:- PPC is known as Pay-per-click and it is hosted by Google. Under this, when the advertisers put their ads and when the clients click on that ads they are charged then. This completed thing is known as PPC and all these things are monitored by Google.

Q.NO-18. What is the latest update in SEO?

ANS:- (a) Penguin (b) Panda.

Q.NO-19. What is 301 redirect?

ANS:- It is a method of redirecting of websites from new page URL to old page URL and it is a permanent redirect.

Q.NO-20. What is robots.txt?

ANS:- It is a text file which helps search engine for crawling, indexing, caching of websites, domain, a file directory and index.

Q.NO-21. What are the key aspects of panda and penguin updates?

ANS:-  The key aspects are:- 

Panda – to focus on quality content, proper design, speed, and images.

Penguin  – it targets site with low-quality backlinks, link farms and link wheels, copy content and all other shortcuts taken to rank the websites like black hat techniques.

Q.NO-22. Differentiate between PR and SERP?

ANS:- PR is known as page ranking. It represents the page ranking in numerical values and shows how important the page is.

SERP means Search engine ranking page. This is a page of results which google shows us because of the best appropriate keywords being used.

Q.NO-23. Who is Matt Cutts?

ANS:- These are the Google’s web spam team.

Q.NO-24. Which tools do you use to choose keywords?

ANS:- (a) Google keyword tool  (b) Wood tracker tool  (c)Seo book keyword tools and others.

Q.NO-25. What do you mean by Google Bot?

ANS:- Google bot is a software used by Google which collects data from internet and set up in search engine ranking of Google according to the keywords used by the clients.

Q.NO-26. What is LSI?

ANS:- LSI means latent semantic indexing. It is important in document indexing process. This system is used by Google. This is a technique of retrieving data and finding connections of different kinds of words and synonyms and getting correct format in the search engine.

Q.NO-27. Which is the popular search engine in Russia?

ANS:- Yandex.

Q.NO-28. What is “pizza box” in term of Google?

ANS:- When google server comes in the standard case then it is known as “Pizza Box”.

Q.NO-29. Differentiate between soft 404 and 404 error?

ANS:- Soft 404 error is an error when shows without an http//error form whereas, whenever there is normal 404 error it shows and http//error.

Q.NO-30. Is there any limit to robot.txt file?

ANS:- Currently Google enforces a size limit of 500 kilobytes(KB).

These are the top 30 SEO interview questions. Hope, this might help you all in the best possible way to crack your interviews.

World’s Top 10 Best Free Seo tools List

Many people are not familiar with the word SEO so people might be thinking what are the SEO tools, and hence it becomes very difficult to explain the role of SEO to people, that they can understand the importance of this. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic to websites or web pages. SEO is a method for planning and developing a website rank well in program results and improve the quality of traffic to the website by search engines. SEO could be understood much by promoting how search engine work, and what people search for the most.

SEO is a set of search engine promotion. SEO additionally referred as SEO publicity copy, as most of the techniques are pre-used to rank sites in the search engine.

How SEO works?

This is a very important part to understand. Search Engine Optimization is the art of gaining high program placement for relevant keywords phrases by creation search engines and believe on the website is a lot relevant than competitive websites. The search engine has two major functions i.e, crawling and building an index, and providing the search users with a hierarchal list of the sites. Basically, optimization is done in two ways:-

(a) On page SEO – This includes good content, proper selection of keywords and putting them in proper places and giving every page suitable headings and etc.

(b) Off page SEO – Off page includes link building, link exchange and also by increasing links traffic by directory submissions and etc.

SEO of websites is done with the help of some SEO tools. Seo tools assist to manage programme optimization efforts for the websites or diary. The best SEO tools help to boost the website and become plenty of visible internet spiders that crawl the web finding out the relevant search terms to utilize on the data processor. It is vital to look out a tool that will modify to optimize the keywords, manage SEO efforts and manufacture relevant hits on the data processor.

When we are in the marketplace for the simplest SEO keyword tools, it may be tough to seek out a collection of tools that give everything we look to manage an SEO campaign. Seo tools assist us to increase the worth of websites, that successively helps to increase the rank of search engines.

Here are reviews on top 10 best SEO tools that help for search engine ranking:-


1.Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a freemium internet analytics service offered by Google that track and give reports of the traffic of particular websites. Google Analytic is currently in use on around 55% of 10,000 most popular websites. This is the most widely used tool in the service statistics. Google Analytic work on the followings:-

(a) Marketing Checklist (b)SEO (c)Mobile (d)Usability (e)Social

(f)Local (g)Visitors (h)Social

2.Google Webmaster.

Google Webmaster is a tool and is a Google service which allows us to analyze several features of websites. It is a primary mechanism for Google to speak with webmasters. Google webmaster helps us to spot problems together with our website and even allow us to recognize whether it is infected by any malware or not. However, if it is not noticed by us, then it is invaluable. The best thing about Google Webmaster is that it’s completely free on its part.


Alexa is one of the best tools that gives industrial web traffic information and analytics. This is owned by Alexa is one of the richest and most important analytics tools for the people. Alexa rank sites based mostly totally on following a sample set of net traffic. Alexa provides traffic data, global rankings and other more information of 30 million websites.

4.Open Site Explorer (MOZ).

Moz is another SEO tools. This crunches data from over fifteen different sources like, Google, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. to score brick and mortar business and however it is online. The results of these come back completely with unjust fixes for incomplete heed. Open Site Explorer provide us with the fast look a full vary of link analysis as well as a glance at the foremost impactful links coming back and other linked pages.


Woorank analyze website and get clear details and put proper actions on how to optimize sites. This provides free trial to users to try Woorank to optimize the websites. This is an online website which gives a review of SEO tools. On using this, they provide free analysis and give us the report on how to improve and work on SEO of particular site and get traffics for the sites.

6.SEO Site Checkup.

Seo Site Checkup runs through a quick audit of our website, checks for correct tags and egress and errors which may come up. Seo Site Checkup creates their tools intuitive and simple to grasp, they help many small business owners, webmasters and SEO professionals to improve their online presence in the world of marketing. SEO Site Checkup’s SEO toolbox unleash the total potential of tools and find access to several different options and a lot of elaborate SEO reports. SEO Site Checkup work with following:-

(a)Common SEO Issues (b)Speed Optimizations (c)Server & Security (d)Mobile Usability (e)Social Media (f)Semantic Web.

7.Site Auditor.

Site Auditor is one of the SEO tools which dissects all the on-page and behind the scene codes, revealing growing issues. They choose and analyze the health od SEO website and support the distinctive website’s report. They set a frequency of normal crawls and then compare results over time to trace improvement.

8.Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit.

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit combines quietly few different tools into one used along, it will analyze your websites and supply recommendations on a way to build your sites content additional SEO friendly, as well as tweaks to our sitemap.

9.SEO Worker.

Seo Worker tends to examine the website to investigate the user’s expertise their websites provide considering usability and therefore the overall users search expertise. Optimisation of clients conversion techniques follows to make sure a good conversion funnel. Finally, they tend to guarantee the website and conforms to the search engine tips and counseled optimization techniques, whereas totally researching the aggressiveness of websites.

10.SEO Optimizer.

Seo Optimizer helps to improve on-page SEO, test the subpages, make free analysis report of particular websites and give SEO tips. It helps to know what changes need to be made so that the traffic of websites increases. Seo Optimizer has many Seo tools to work on with:-

  • Public tools (b) Keyword tools (c) Analytics tools (d) PPC tools and lots more.