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Rank Your YouTube Videos By Social Media Marketing

Now that we have optimized the video as much as possible, we’ve got it onto YouTube and optimized it as well; now, we can focus on the marketing part i.e, social media marketing, which is basically creating social back links to it.
There are many, many different ways of going about doing this but I’m gonna show you the way that I do it so that you can pretty much use what I use and it works really, really well. So let’s get started!
Before I show you step by step what to do, I wanna talk about briefly about how I go about in doing this.

1-  Basically, I grab the YouTube video link, which is the link that YouTube gives you (For example, if you go to YouTube, this is the link that they give you).

    • Going back over to here, basically, what I look for is I use specific avenues and specific options of social back links and I point them to the YouTube video link. I don’t want to slam the YouTube video link with too many social back links. Otherwise, when YouTube looks at it, they’d think, “Oh, that’s just some other sneaky guy trying to create tons and tons of back links.” They’re gonna detect that.
    • You want to do it on a slow consistent basis. I know you’re excited about getting a lot of traffic and ranking high but it’s better to do it slowly but surely. So the point is YouTube sees you as “Okay, this video is legit.” So to do that, what I do is basically point social back links, whether it’s Twitter, re tweets; whether it likes, YouTube likes, Facebook shares, Reddit, Social Bookmarking, social media marketing,back links and things like that. So I do social bookmarking, I do social shares and everything like that.
    • What I try to do is I try to get somebody else generates basically some back links. I don’t do this all myself. I don’t do it because it’s just a super tedious process. It’s such a tedious process that it’s just easier to get somebody who has their system set up, they’re getting good rankings, some sells in their networks and things like that. So it’s good to leverage their networks.

2-  After I generate some social back links to the YouTube video itself, I don’t point all the back links to the YouTube video itself. What I do next is over the month, I get somebody else to do some SEO over the month for the YouTube video link. That’s way, it’s on a consistent basis over the month or over the next few months. Because Google is gonna wanna see consistency. They’re not gonna wanna see that you got 10,000 likes in a day. They want to see that it’s consistent over the period of a week and a month and so forth.

    • Then what I’ll do is, for example, Social Batch 1 will link to YouTube video.
    • Then I’ll do an SEO over a month period to the YouTube video

3-  Now, here’s what I do that’s one step further where I don’t bombard that video link with tons and tons of back links. What I’d do next is do the same thing I did earlier, I create social back links by doing Twitter re tweets, social shares, Reddit social bookmarking type of stuff; and I do it to the Social Back Links Batch 1.

4–  Then I get somebody to do SEO over a month period to the Social Back Links 1.

That way, what happens here is Google will follow back links. Then, they see, “Cool. These Social Back Links 1 (because normally, when they’re created, they don’t really have a lot of weight) but if you think about it, once you start pointing these links, these links actually have more leverage.

And because these have more leverage now over the month or two months and so forth, your YouTube video now has a better ranking. So as you can see, it’s kind of like a pyramid or a chain link.

The link over here now has more popularity. Then, the link over here now has more popularity as well. Basically, it ends up look like this: Batch 2 -> Batch 1 -> YouTube Video

You can go further if you want. You could do: Batch 3, which links to Batch 2, then links to Batch 1 and then all of a sudden you have this YouTube video. Because if you think about it, naturally what happens.

Naturally, if a video is viral, then you might get some other people linking to it but if you’re doing it yourself, naturally, what happens is somebody shares the video. Then, their friends share the video. And then their friends point to them and share the video. That’s what naturally happens because you wanna look as natural as possible to YouTube and Google.

You don’t want to just sent 10,000 links to a YouTube video or much less get 10,000 views or get 10,000 likes to a YouTube within a day or much less within a week. Because if it stops, then Google thinks, “Oh, hold on a minute. This video got 10,000 views in a day and it stopped. This is probably just somebody trying to beat the system.” If you can look as natural as possible, that is going to be a plus.

Going back over to here, let’s apply this:-

5-  Now, what we need to do is basically copy this link and then what I do is I head on to I absolutely love I use it. I use their services. I get people who are doing it on a consistent basis to do it because they know how to do it the best.

6-  For example, one thing I like to do in terms of linking people directly to the YouTube video link in terms of Social Back Links Batch 1 is by using Tribe pro.

  • Tribe pro is basically a system, as you can see that allows your message to be shared across unlimited social networks. It’s super, super duper powerful because basically, you can do it yourself. But as you can see, it does cost some money.
  • For the Plus and the Pro version – the Pro version is as you can see, the first month’s price is $39.99. Then it costs a fee after that.

7-  That’s the reason why I say, because if you don’t really have money to invest in that or like me, you just would rather get somebody else to do it for you that already has a huge network built in Tribe pro, I would go to and simply fine somebody.

    • Type in Tribe pro. Make sure there’s no space in between it.


    • Do a search and then click on Rating. By clicking on Rating, you get people to have the best feedback at the top. What I tried to do is over the course of the week, I will basically go through these and we’ll open it up right here.


    • What I’m interested in is different people have different networks. They’re going to have different accounts, which is a plus. You don’t have somebody do all of your social back links because Google is going to see, “Oh! It’s just all from the same person or all from the same links or from the same accounts.”


    • As you can see, this person delivers in 8 days and they’ll share it with a thousand real people, which then those people will share it and share it again. What I found is most of these people don’t really deliver until 8 days. What I’ll do is I’ll buy all these and I’ll get this person to do it.


  • Then the next day, I’ll submit this. The next day, I’ll submit this. Maybe a week later, I’ll submit this, and so forth, and so forth.

8-  Like I said earlier, you don’t want to bombard with too many social back links. You want to do stuff like social bookmarking.

  • What I would do is at this point, I would do social bookmarking.
  • Of course, I click on Rating then I would find people to do social bookmarks.

9-  After about a week’s time, I will come back and I will basically just buy one of these again. But instead of linking back to my YouTube video link, what I’ll do here is I’ll get some links and pick and choose the links. For example, this social bookmarking – when you do social bookmarking, usually, they will provide you with the links; some don’t. So, you’ll need to contact the seller. Make sure that you get the links. Some people won’t get it t you and I’ve actually run into that same problem.

10–  But if you get the links, then what you can do is pick and choose those links and then use those Tribe pro gigs to basically get these people to link to Batch 1 and then, of course, Batch 2, Batch 3, and stuff like that.

11-  After I have done this when I have linked Batch 2 to Batch 1, I will take a step further and I’ll do stuff like re tweets.

    • Twitter Re tweets – are basically tweeters who tweet Twitter message and it goes to multiple accounts.


    • For example: As you can see, it says, “I will receive Twitter Re tweets 50 times.” Some will do 20 times and more.


    • It says, “I will give you 1,000 Twitter Re tweets with 30 days Drip Feed.” I like the Drip Feed services because Drip Feed means that over the course of a 30- day period, that way, you’re not having to look at it every single day. That way, it looks like it’s consistent and natural.


  • Going back over here, you can do re tweets from Batch 2 to Batch 1; even Batch 1 to the YouTube video link. The purpose of this is you can mix and match. It really, from what I’ve done, it really doesn’t matter. You don’t want to slam your YouTube video link, that’s the point!

12-  If you could find the Drip Feed services, that is a plus.

    • One guy that I use specifically for SEO is seo_alchemy. If you click on “I will create SEO Alchemy 300 Social Bookmarks” and so forth.


    • What I do in this case is I do SEO over a month period. I actually use this particular guy to point to my YouTube video and to my Social Back Links 1.


    • As you can see here, he’ll get Wiki links, EDU links, bookmarks, and the key here is you need a variety. You don’t want just one. You want a variety of different types of links. This guy is good. I can definitely vouch for him. That’s really the point here. You can do that.


  • The one thing that I don’t really do is Facebook likes. I don’t really get thousands and thousands and thousands of Facebook likes.

There we go! That’s pretty much what I’d do for this particular step. You can go further and get YouTube video likes, YouTube video views, Facebook likes, Google Plus likes, and other things like that. But there is a certain way of doing it and I’ll show you that in the next Topic by clicking here.

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