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How To Transcribe YouTube Video To Text

Like I said earlier in the previous video, the reason why we wanna do this is because we wanna make it easier for YouTube to figure out what our video is all about i.e, Transcribe YouTube Video.
Now, I’m gonna show you where to get great quality transcripts at a cheap rate without breaking your wallet. Let me go ahead and show you how to do this.

1–  If you head on over to that is located at F I V E R R dot com

2-  Go to the search box and depending on how big your video is, let’s say, for example, your video is 20 minutes; what I would do is I would simply go to Search box and type in Transcribe 20 minutes.

3-  Then I would basically look through here and I would open up “I would transcribe 20 minutes.” Basically, I would be opening these up in a new window because after that, we’re gonna take a look at their feedback and see whether or not they are good. Because you don’t want to pay for something and it actually turns out bad.

  • So 97% rating – let’s check to see why this person has 2 negative reviews. She has a lot of really, really good reviews. So, it’s just all from one person. But typically, sometimes, you’ll run into customers who are just a pain in the butt.
  • What I’m interested in is recent, has the person done a good job? Recently, this person has as you can see, looks like has done a very good job. And as you can see, you have repeat customers that keep on coming back, which is a good sign. For 5 bucks, you can have your video transcribed in about 4 days.
  • Then we got somebody for 5 days here. Seems like they got a 100% good rating. This person is 3 days so if you’re on a time crunch.
  • See, this person did a good job too. What I’m trying to do is basically go through all of these and figure out which people are doing a good job. So this person has 2 in their queue. This person is 5 days. And this person is 3 days. What I like is this guy has a 100% rating.
  • If you’re in a crunch time and you need it let’s say for example, in 4 days, then this guy is out of the question. And then it’s between this person and this lady. So, 4 days and 3 days.

4-  All I would do is click Order Now and then I’ll go through the whole checkout process. Then when you’re ready, all you have to do is simply find the video file and upload the video file. That’s why I like to use Fiverr sometimes for certain tasks. But with Fiverr, it’s all automated so when the time comes, you’re guaranteed to get the transcripts within 3 days or 4 days.

Then all you have to do is wait and just focus on other stuff while you’re doing this. Then when the times come to it being done, then that’s what we’re gonna do in the next Topic. I’m gonna show you how to take the transcript that they give you and from that point, just upload it to YouTube.

Let’s move on to the next Topic!

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