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Drive Traffic To Website By YouTube Video Marketing

In this specific Topic, we’re gonna be talking about How to Drive Traffic to Your Website, whether it’s your product, affiliate product or any other product or source With YouTube Video Marketing.
Not only is this the basics of YouTube video marketing, it’s gonna have an added twist on how to get ranked high the right way with social signals, which is where the search engines are heading right now.

1- The Introduction to YouTube Video Traffic


  • Mindset – we’re gonna talk about mindset.
  • How it All Works.
  • What You Need.

So let’s go ahead and get started!


So let’s start talking about mindset because I want to make sure that you’re in the right mindset before you implement this system.

  1. You got to think Quality over Quantity here. Don’t think about jumping on the bandwagon, uploading tons and tons of videos. It’s better to upload one YouTube video than upload let’s say, for example, ten or twenty. Upload that one video. Do it right!
  2. Do the proper keyword research before you act.
  3. Upload the video and follow everything that I show you exactly, step by step. Like optimization of the video, search engine optimization, and everything like that. I guarantee you that it will be worth your while to do one video versus ten or twenty or thirty. So, Quality over Quantity. But obviously, you need to plan and research first and then we’ll need to act.

So, here’s how it all works!

    1. Basically, we’re gonna research the main keyword.
    2. We’re gonna dig deeper and get the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.
    3. We’re gonna render the video according to the video settings.
    4. We’re gonna upload and edit the settings on YouTube.
    5. We’re gonna optimize the video for search engines to get it ranked better on the search engine.
    6. We’re gonna increase that by using social signals.


⇒You need the ability to render the video. There are so many video editors out there:-

⇒Of course, you’re gonna need to have a YouTube account, which is the same as a Google or Gmail account.

⇒ You’ll need some money for investing into social back links and social signals. I’m going to try to stick with the cheapest ways to generate social back links. That way, it will make your wallet a lot happier and then your return on investment, hopefully will be a lot better.

Let’s move on to 2nd Topic and talk about the YouTube video settings.

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