Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Q1. How can we all use internet as a marketer?
Ans- We can use internet as a marketer so that we can give customers services, Social media marketing in promotion of products and lots more.

Q2. Do you know who invented or discovered WWW?
Ans- Sir Tim Berners-Lee came up with world wide web (WWW). Sir Tim did a great thing by giving it for FREE without any patents, any royalties in 1994. And further at the end of 90’s it just exploded and around 60 million people were just using it and over 2005 the uses of internet were around billions. And now at the end of 2010, the uses of internet touched around 2 billion people. Today at present time around 3 billion people are using the internet and it’s just phenomenal.

Q3. Which country has maximum number of internet users?
Ans- China has maximum number of internet users. Around 649 million people are using internet in this country which covers 19 % of the total population of the world.

Q4. Why mobile marketing is important in Digital Marketing?
Ans- Mobile Marketing is an important part in Digital Marketing as Today, there are millions of people who are connected to internet through mobile devices. More than 50% of the internet connections are made through mobiles. People nowadays has multiple devices and mobile has now become a center of multiple device networks. And around 70% of the mobile internet searches are connected and related to business. And it’s estimated that by 2017 with the help mobile devices the sale will be around 87%. As, 60% of the people in this whole world check their mobile phones before and after going to beds. And this becomes a great advantage in digital marketing.

Q5. How would you market yourself to be online?
Ans- We can market our self-online by the help of blogs, Google Ads, Mobile Marketing, by doing SEO and lots more.

Q6. How would you monetize your social media?
Ans- We can monetize social media by monetizing it in YouTube, twitter

Q7. what is the best social media platform?
Ans- Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snap chat.

Q8. How would you listen to people what they say about you online?
Ans- Google alerts, Facebook, search on Twitter with hashtags, Google search of your particular brand name, some software tools and lots more.

Q9. What aspects should you consider with e-commerce websites?
Ans- Chain supply, we should tag the audience and lots more.

Q10. Why is mobile important when considering e-commerce?
Ans- Because everybody have them, many people are on mobile maximum number of times, lots of mobile users are there and everybody is using them.

Q11.Why is social media important when we are considering e-commerce?
Ans- Because e-commerce and social media support each other.

Q12.What should you consider the most when setting up an ad campaign?
Ans- Keywords.

Q13. How will my ad perform?
Ans- 1. It depends on quality score. (quality score-is the one which the google gives between 1 to 10).
2.We must also have good click through rate.
3. We must have relevant and proper keywords as this is very important in quality score.
4. Quality on landing page is also very important in this point as it gives a great important in quality score.
5. We must have a great work history or account history because google compares the complete history.
hence, AD Rank = CPC Bid X Quality Score.

Q14. What are the rewards of using PPC?
Ans-1. We can decide and limit our controls and prices of products.
2. We can decide where we want campaign or we want to increase our traffic. we can increase our traffic by using PPC Campaign.
3. We can change our ad according to our requirements. If it’s not working, then we can stop using it and post a new ad.
4. We can involve people by PPC. AS soon as the people click our ads they come to our site and get trap in our site. BY this the spending time of customers increases.
5. With the help of all the above points we get instant and fast results.

Q15. Why do we need conversions?
Ans – Revenue sell, turn on an investment process, and for other business purpose, tracking results and business profit.

Q16. Where are emails read the most?
Ans -Smartphone- 49.5%
Tablet – 16.81%
Desktop – 33.69%

Q17. What type of e-mails do customer wants?
Ans – Emails on special offers, promotional and vouchers e-mails, real time delivery and tracking e-mails, arrival of new products e-mails, newsletters e-mail and lots more.

Q18. What is the number 1 thing that gets people’s interest on an e-mail?
Ans – Subject line, headline, offers and lots more.

Q19. What kind of business uses affiliate marketing?
Ans – All e-commerce site, like amazon, eBay, etc.

Q20. What are the major pillars of affiliate marketing?
Ans -1. Merchant/Retailer
3.Customer/End User
4.Network/Offers for Affiliates