What are the Different Types of SEO Content?

List of Different Types of SEO Content

If you want to secure and remain on the top results of Google search engine result page, you need to post your content on various relevant sites that can drive in more traffic. In order to accomplish this, you need to know what types of SEO content you are writing and posting for your potential visitors. The different types of SEO content are meant for different purposes and in order to know their purposes, you need to have knowledge about the all the types of SEO content. The different types of SEO content may include the following:

Blog Posts

Writing blogs is considered as the easiest way to create many SEO contents for a website. Unlike other types of SEO content, blog posts have a capability of engaging more visitors and attract links more than the product pages. This is a great way of building some kind of authority for your website. Generally, blog posts are flexible, meaning that you can use according to your objectives or to host any of the types of SEO content.

Article Submission

Information that includes some news, an interview, or any feature piece is referred as an article. This type of SEO content is found mainly in newspaper columns, magazine-style websites and more.

Product pages

For any retail e-commerce website, product pages are the real breadwinners for the business. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that a good product page can serve the purpose of a good SEO content as well as a PPC landing page of the site.

List Content

A list is another form of content that makes it easier for the readers to scan the entire content. For example, content having their titles as ’Top 10 tips to create SEO-friendly content’ can earn more clicks when found in search engine result page or any of the social media news feeds.


The ultimate guide refers to a piece of detailed content that explains the ‘A to Z’ of how to do something. A perfect guide is something that contains several internal links that take the user to different web pages. This strategy makes the user explore and stay long on your website. You may also show a partial content of the guide and include a registration form for the users to view the rest of the content. This can help you generate more leads for your website or business. However, posting a registration can reduce your potential SEO traffic.


One of the types of SEO content that can keep your visitors more engaged is posting videos on your website. As you know that visuals have more impact than textual information, placing videos can drive more traffic to your website. Implementing this strategy can help you achieve higher ranks by choosing the highly searchable keywords.


Infographics are basically large-format images that consist of several stats or data. Infographics is a graphical representation of a single subject and can help you secure higher ranks and get a lot of page views. However, search engines do not read the content embedded in the infographic or the image as text. Therefore, it is necessary that you optimize the rest of the page properly.


A directory is another type of SEO content that contains a useful taxonomy of links to reference sites and related resources on a given topic. For instance, a food blog might create a directory of addresses of restaurants where visitors can go and enjoy the food.


As visual displays are more powerful than written articles, posting slideshows containing a series of related images can attract more traffic to your website. However in this case also, you need to optimize your title, image file names, captions and more as the search engines have less content to ‘read’.


Most of us simply Google up for terms that they don’t know instead of flipping the page of a big fat dictionary. If you arrange these terms in a glossary, it can help you capture some relevant traffic that is searching for those terms. For example, you can build a glossary of cooking terms, fashion terms, architectural terms and so on.

The above mentioned are just the basic types of SEO content. However, this is not the end, the possibilities of writing diverse SEO content are endless.

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