Your computer’s CLSID. Scam or real?

Tech Support Scam

CLSID Tech Support Scam – Overview

Do you also get cold calls, saying that your computer has been infected with some virus that can corrupt your system and damage all your files? Do they also tell you that they are from reputed companies like windows and apple? And has been receiving notifications about your computer being corrupted? Well, to your knowledge know that this particular tech support scam has been around since the beginning of the internet era. Due to lack of proper security and enough awareness, these cyber criminals are earning in millions through various hacks in the hyperspace.

The fraudsters will do anything to make you believe that there is something wrong with your computer, and they will tell you that they will do a free diagnosis just to make sure that your computer is safe. According to the reports of the cyber departments, these tech support scams have shown a notable rise in its growth graph in the past one year.

So, needless to say, that this is something we all must be aware of and keep ourselves safe, from such tech support scams in future. Here is a basic idea of what this whole tech support scam is, and how will you keep yourself protected.

What do these Tech Support Scammers do?

These scammers call and claim that they are computer technicians associated with reputed companies like Microsoft or Apple. They will use a lot of technical words just in order to sound professional and convincing. These will also often send pop-up messages that will warn you about your system. They will try to get the remote access of your computer and will eventually diagnose a non-existing problem, and take unnecessary payments claiming that they will fix these problems.

So if you get any such pop-up call, message or spam mail, do not give them access to your computer and do not send any money.

CSLID Tech Support Scam

One of their really catchy features is the verification of the CLSID. In that way, the tech support scam seems to be genuine and customers tend to fall for it. These tech support scammers will give you a fake IP number in order to convince you that they can really see your system. Once that’s done, they will tell you to match the CLSID. A CLSID is a class identifier stored in the window’s registry. They will ask you to run the ASSOC command and once you do that, you receive a list of things that says that your computer is infected by a virus.

How do I prevent CLSID Tech Support Scam?

So, in case you get such pop-ups, before clicking on the links, go ahead and check the company details online. In case you have shared your password details, change it immediately to a different password.

However, you have paid for any tech support services, and if you call back to ask for a refund, chances are even that will be a tech support scam. It might happen several months after purchase, where if you ask for a refund, they can get your bank details, hack your account and transfer more money to themselves. So always be aware, and stay safe from such Tech Support Scam.

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